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12 cities apply for European Green Capital Award 2017

The deadline for submitting entries to the European Green Capital 2017 competition cycle has expired.
The following cities have entered:
    Bursa (Turkey)
    Cascais (Portugal)
    Cork (Ireland)
    Essen (Germany)
    Hertogenbosch (Netherlands)
    Istanbul (Turkey)
    Lahti (Finland)
    Lisbon (Portugal)
    Nijmegen (Netherlands)
    Pécs (Hungary)
    Porto (Portugal)
    Umeå (Sweden)

2017 EGCA Applicant CITIES

The first independent Nemunas Valley start in exhibitions

That’s how the What Will You Plant...In 2011 exhibit ended.  The Valley organized its own exposition for the first time in its heart–ASU Building IV, the location of the Communication and Technology Transfer Centre. The purpose of the exposition was to distinguish the products that the founders and partners of the Valley created together from the general mass at the exhibit. This is an attempt to introduce society to work done by scientists and entrepreneurs in the field of innovation.

Nemunas Valley at the Sprendimų Ratas 2014 Exhibition

As is the annual tradition, the Sprendimų Ratas 2014 Exhibition took place at Aleksandras Stulginskis University this autumn.
And as is their annual tradition, Nemunas Valley set up an exposition to present their latest innovations, treat visitors to new products, and introduce them to the opportunities opening up at the Valley. The organizers were particularly pleased that the researchers worked hard and got several products prepared for the marketplace:

Echoes of the From Craft to Business Exposition at the Sprendimų Ratas 2013 Exhibition

So ends another autumn exhibition at Aleksandras Stulginskis University. During the exhibition Nemunas Valley developed its own exposition, which introduced innovative products, research laboratory achievements, services, and invited people to get acquainted with the scientists and taste their developed products. The main aim of the exhibition was to introduce increasingly more active Valley laboratory operations and acquaint visitors with researchers/innovators.

The ASU Scientists Debut at the 10 Year Anniversary of the National Spaceship Earth Science Festival

The ASU scientists introduced themselves for the first time on September 13 at KTU campus at the tenth annual National Spaceship Earth Science Festival. This is a special event: the International Science Fair, which involved several dozen research centres, schools of higher education, and various organizations not only from Lithuania, but also guests from Latvia and Poland. The event takes place in several cities across the country: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevežys, and Druskininkai and lasts longer than a week.