Informational Nemunas Valley Opening Event

On May 14, Aleksandras Stulginskis University solemnly opened an integrated science, studies and business centre – Nemunas Valley. The Valley development program approved by the Lithuanian government has been allocated more than 180 million LTL from the European Regional Development Fund and other EU funds, as well as the Lithuanian ministries of agriculture, economy, and education and science. Representatives of the ministries, regional government, agricultural self-governance institutions, educational institutions, other valleys, associations, and platforms, as well as the founders of Nemunas Valley were present at the Informational Nemunas Valley Opening Event to ensure the successful interaction of science, studies, and business.

The Lithuanian Parliament’s Rural Affairs Committee chairman Edmund Pupinis, Agriculture Minister Kazys Starkevičius, Education and Science Minister Gintaras Steponavičius, and Chancellor of the Ministry of Economy Gediminas Miškinis wished the scientists, entrepreneurs, and agricultural advisory bodies success in implementing the Nemunas Valley program. The three representatives of the ministries who participated in the solemn Nemunas Valley opening event were given sciency souvenirs symbolizing eternity and strength–pyramids.  A Valley flag symbolizing the commencement of work was raised at the Valley headquarters, Aleksandras Stulginskis University Building IV. All Nemunas members were given certificates for their hitherto role in Valley activities and other knickknacks.

During the informational event Professor Henrikas Žilinskas emphasized the significance of Nemunas Valley as an innovative think tank; Chris Harris shared his experience of how the ties of science, studies, and business are ensured in the Scottish science triangle; Professor Albinas Kusta, head of the Nemunas Valley Association, described new opportunities for agricultural development in the framework of the Nemunas Valley program; and Irena Kubiliūtė Vedeikienė provided the guidelines for the Communication and Technology Transfer Centre.