Nemunas Valley at the Sprendimų Ratas 2014 Exhibition

As is the annual tradition, the Sprendimų Ratas 2014 Exhibition took place at Aleksandras Stulginskis University this autumn.
And as is their annual tradition, Nemunas Valley set up an exposition to present their latest innovations, treat visitors to new products, and introduce them to the opportunities opening up at the Valley. The organizers were particularly pleased that the researchers worked hard and got several products prepared for the marketplace:
•  Aleksandras Stulginskis University researchers Simas Gliožeris and Alfonsas Tamošiūnas present an entire line of flower species to the marketplace(Fig. 1).
•  The Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry’s Upytė Experiment Station presents a new Albus flax species, Audra, and hopes that people will want to grow these varieties of flax seed and later they will reach everyone who wants to engage in the flax industry(Fig. 2).
•  The Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry’s Horticultural Institute, UAB Paslaugos Žemdirbiams (Services for Farmers), and the Šerkšnas family bee farm have already made their presentation to the marketplace, honey with lyophilized berries (Fig. 3).

1 Fig. 2 Fig. 3 Fig.

The purpose of Nemunas Valley in presenting these products is to present consumers with innovations as soon as possible and help these products to reach the market, so that the innovators and users can not only see but also feel the benefits of the creative process.
The big news at the exposition was free startup consultations provided by Nemunas Valley employees throughout the exhibition: how to start a business, business development, the search for financing, idea generation, and other issues. These consultations were provided after the exhibition ended, also, in the Nemunas Valley Science Cafe.
The even bigger news on the minds of all the Nemunas Valley Association employees was the Children’s Entertainment Arena. Association employees enlisted the assistance of the OPAOPA event coordination company to set up shop for children, parents, and grandparents to have fun. The Association is very grateful to the sponsors of the Entertainment Arena: UAB Dojus Agro, Ginalas (Mocevičius’s company), UAB Rovaltra, and UAB Specagra, which brought mini tractors to the exhibition and let young visitors have fun with them. Children also enjoyed spending time in the giant balls and in the company of clowns and Daisy Duck. They could take care of their hunger and thirst at the Association’s Science Cafe, which offered children finger-licking good treats.
Although the exhibition flew by, Association employees hope that the experiences the children had at the Entertainment Arena will be the first but not the only meeting with Nemunas Valley, which will lead them to Building IV of Aleksandras Stulginskis University where the Science Cafe is set up, always waiting to advise customers both big and small on their issues, desires, and dreams.
Until we meet at the Science Cafe, dear reader.

Science Cafe Manager
Irena Kubiliūtė Vedeikienė