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SOIbio: a Project to Develop Nanotechnology

The Centre for Physical Sciences and Technology (FTMC) in collaboration with the Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology (MITA) is launching a new project, SOIbio, aimed at investigating hitherto poorly understood properties of light that occur in extremely small silicon structures, the production and exploration of which have only recently become available to a wider scientific circle. Application of these properties is very wide: from micro lasers, communication equipment, and data storage media to a variety of biological and environmental sensors.


An Invitation from MITA to Protect Your Intellectual Property

The Agency for Science, Innovation and Technology is inviting companies and educational institutions to submit proposals to get funding for projects to protect their intellectual property rights. In addition to the usual support for international protection for inventions and designs, patent applications in the European Patent Office will be funded.

Start Your Own Business with a Business Assistant

The Business Assistant: Promoting Entrepreneurship through Technology Parks and Valley Competencies project started at the beginning of 2014, in which the Nemunas Valley Association is a partner. It is a measure initiated by the Ministry of Economy’s Assistant-4 to promote entrepreneurship under the Economic Development Priority 2 Increasing Business Productivity and Improving the Business Environment. The project will run until October 2015.

Echoes of the From Craft to Business Exposition at the Sprendimų Ratas 2013 Exhibition

So ends another autumn exhibition at Aleksandras Stulginskis University. During the exhibition Nemunas Valley developed its own exposition, which introduced innovative products, research laboratory achievements, services, and invited people to get acquainted with the scientists and taste their developed products. The main aim of the exhibition was to introduce increasingly more active Valley laboratory operations and acquaint visitors with researchers/innovators.

The ASU Scientists Debut at the 10 Year Anniversary of the National Spaceship Earth Science Festival

The ASU scientists introduced themselves for the first time on September 13 at KTU campus at the tenth annual National Spaceship Earth Science Festival. This is a special event: the International Science Fair, which involved several dozen research centres, schools of higher education, and various organizations not only from Lithuania, but also guests from Latvia and Poland. The event takes place in several cities across the country: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda, Šiauliai, Panevežys, and Druskininkai and lasts longer than a week.

How Will We Manage the Family Farm?

At the Science Café Discussion Club on 15 May 2013, discussion participants met and analysed family farm management issues. Participants of very different ages participated in the discussion: ones who already have their own families and children, and those who are just dreaming of a family or are members of their families. But all of the participants were encouraged to speak: Head of the Youth Education Center Rimutė Pilipavičienė and ASU lecturer Dr. Vytautas Pilipavičius got all the participants to express their views about family, family values, and their importance in human life.

Farm-to-Table Exposition at the What Will You 2013 Exhibition

The Nemunas Valley Exposition is celebrating its first jubilee: This is the fifth independent exposition held at the exhibitions organized by Aleksandras Stulginskis University. The initiator of this exposition is the Nemunas Valley Association, which is the coordinator of the Valley and works to enable its founders and partners to deliver the innovations they have developed, acquaint the public with the creators of the innovations, and listen closely to visitors’ comments.

“How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience”

Leadership: tread first, impact others with your deeds, not only your words. (R. Dilts)
On April 3 Aleksandras Stulginskis University’s Economics and Management Faculty students had the opportunity to participate in the “How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience” lecture given by UAB Topo Grupė Chairman Aurelijus Rusteika.
The acquired knowledge intertwined with many years of experience in business leadership, imparted by this creator of a socially responsible corporate network ensured the lecture was fascinating to most of the participants.


A Discussion Regarding the Active Role of Civil Society in the Lithuanian Countryside from the Perspective of Young Scientists

On April 2, The Active Role of Civil Society in the Lithuanian Countryside from the Perspective of Young Scientists discussion took place at Aleksandras Stulginskis University (ASU) hosted by its own researchers and the European Economic and Social Committee.

ASU students, Aleksandras Stulginskis University Rector Professor Antanas Maziliauskas, European Economic and Social Committee President Staffan Nilsson, ASU Student Council President Skomantas Rukuiža, and European Economic and Social Committee member Mindaugas Maciulevičius participated in the discussion.