When implementing Development Programme of Integrated Science, Studies and Business Centre (Valley) Nemunas, open access and related R&D infrastructure will be created; the infrastructure together with the Valley participants’ human and material resources will allow ensuring high quality of  R&D works being carried out, integration of science, studies and business, creating favourable environment to transfer business knowledge and technologies of agriculture, forest and food and executing studies of high quality which satisfy the needs of agriculture, forest and food.   

In order to use possibilities of new R&D infrastructure efficiently and focus potential of the country’s agriculture, forest and food science for executing development directions of the Valley, it is intended to establish R&D centres in the Valley and prepare related shared infrastructure, integrate and consolidate groups of scientists and researchers for seeking common goals and optimize interaction of agriculture, forest and food science and studies institutions, scientific research institutes and their branches.        

The activity of Nemunas Valley is regulated by Joint Research Programme “Natural resources and agriculture” (JRP NRA) approved by Order ISAK-2377 of Minister of Education and Science of 24/11/2009 which amends Programme (approved by Resolution No. 1130 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania of 01/10/2008). More: