Start Your Own Business with a Business Assistant

The Business Assistant: Promoting Entrepreneurship through Technology Parks and Valley Competencies project started at the beginning of 2014, in which the Nemunas Valley Association is a partner. It is a measure initiated by the Ministry of Economy’s Assistant-4 to promote entrepreneurship under the Economic Development Priority 2 Increasing Business Productivity and Improving the Business Environment. The project will run until October 2015.

The project is designed to strengthen the activities of the territorial partners at the entrepreneurial level, integrating innovation support services, improving the existing disseminating of knowledge and technologies environment that encourages the emerging and operating business community to intensify the use of innovation support services. The Nemunas Valley Association Science Café premises house an advice bureau that consults business start-ups every day, on development, job creation and preservation, product commercialization, technology transfer, business plans, securing investment, and other issues. The Association uses a variety of innovative forms to develop entrepreneurship. Here you will have the opportunity not only to realize your ideas, but also to have access to ongoing innovations in other countries, take advantage of innovative businesses in the database, and choose the most suitable one for you, as well as discuss its adaptation for the Lithuanian market. If you are not determined to build a business, but you have, in your opinion, the right idea, you can submit it to the experts who will evaluate it at first, give you notes, and advise what you should do so that the idea gradually becomes a business plan and then finally a business.

If the entrepreneurship education methods listed are not appealing to you, practice your entrepreneurial skills by playing the Cash Flow business game at the Science Café, watching videos about innovative businesses, or analysing various speakers’ webinars, as well as reading literature on entrepreneurship education and at the same time asking experts any questions you can think of.
We await you daily at the Science Café.
Be active and together we will create your business