How Will We Manage the Family Farm?

At the Science Café Discussion Club on 15 May 2013, discussion participants met and analysed family farm management issues. Participants of very different ages participated in the discussion: ones who already have their own families and children, and those who are just dreaming of a family or are members of their families. But all of the participants were encouraged to speak: Head of the Youth Education Center Rimutė Pilipavičienė and ASU lecturer Dr. Vytautas Pilipavičius got all the participants to express their views about family, family values, and their importance in human life.

Throughout the discussions the participants decided that family gives the impetus for all life values to grow. Family is the true foundation of life and it is very important to cherish and treasure, and each family member must contribute his efforts and skills to the management of the family farm. Then school will be fun and the work will be easy.

Rimutė Pilipavičienė shared information about the youth educational centre during the discussion and urged the assembled young people to actively participate in the events organized and to consult with members of the centre.

The participants of the discussion dispersed enriched not only with new knowledge, but also affected with good emotions and the desire to cherish their core family values and strive to make their families be their friends, too, as well as their business partners.


Nemunas Valley Association CTTC Manager

Irena Kubiliūtė Vedeikienė