“If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right!”

Young people who have to find their own path are often hesitant, afraid to take the first steps, don’t know which to choose: to start their own business or work for someone else. Aleksandras Stulginskis University students had a great opportunity to hear some thoughts about choice and self-determination at the February 12 If You’re Going To Do It, Do It Right! event.
Author of the Millennium Odyssey lecture, Living in a Storm, and ship captain Paulius Kovas imparted to students an expanse of sea life and business environment survival tips. He shared his captaining and entrepreneur expertise and advice. What began as a rhetorical question nevertheless forces you to think hard: could we all become leaders? “Would you ever dare to become the captain who has to control a large team to find solutions to the most difficult situations, and most importantly to survive and motivate your team?”

Paulius Kovas says that only hard work leads to positive results.

In addition to these important features Paulius Kovas noted that the person steering a business needs to have a dream, and one that leads him forward. The speaker thinks, “A dream is a guiding star, when you get a proposal you can have no doubt. If it's even the tiniest bit a step closer towards the dream, take advantage of it.” However, a dream is not enough: you need to put in a lot of work in parallel with it, and only then can your dream come true. “Success will not fall into your lap sitting on the couch. You need to get in 10,000 hours of work before you get there.”
Inga Kupetytė-Bunevičienė, manager at UAB Laipiojimo Centras (Climbing Center) (Miegantys Drambliai - Sleeping Elephants), had this inspirational experience to share: “If you want to be a creator and change something not only for yourself, but in others’ lives, fulfil their dreams: create your business or organization. You will save time on talk, because you will be a manager yourself and a signpost for others.

Inga Kupetytė-Bunevičienė shares her experience

You will be responsible for the assembly of the team and will deal with people who you want to work with. You’ll manage your time as you like, although your mind will be at work 24/7. Having your own business will never be boring; every day is a new challenge, sometimes fun, sometimes difficult, and always educational. Having my own organization raised and seasoned me as a human being, made it clear that we carry out the changes ourselves.” Valdas Radvilavičius, Head of Motoriders, demonstrated with his story that it’s most important to want and believe in what you’re doing. It doesn’t matter that the first goods warehouse is a dorm room and the man accepting the goods is the dorm attendant. Everybody starts somewhere. “Great people work to live, not live to work.” This phrase, which led the entrepreneur forward, is the same thing he wishes for you on your own search for a path forward.
The motivation to work and pursue one’s dreams was enough, now all that remains is to believe in yourself and move forward. It doesn’t matter which you choose, to be a director and lead a team or to be part of a team and not let the manager down. Good luck on your chosen path towards success! This is the first business mentoring event organized by ASU and Technopolis STP encouraging students to dream of owning their own business and move to the implementation of their business. Find more information at www.technopolis.lt and www.asu.lt.