“How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience”

Leadership: tread first, impact others with your deeds, not only your words. (R. Dilts)
On April 3 Aleksandras Stulginskis University’s Economics and Management Faculty students had the opportunity to participate in the “How to Become a Leader? Topo Group Experience” lecture given by UAB Topo Grupė Chairman Aurelijus Rusteika.
The acquired knowledge intertwined with many years of experience in business leadership, imparted by this creator of a socially responsible corporate network ensured the lecture was fascinating to most of the participants.

The lecture included some discussion of how students can improve their practical skills and become competitive in the labour market during their studies by interning at the Topo Grupė corporate group. The following were invited to internships: students in marketing, business management, accounting and finance, economics. For internships, students should contact the Topo Grupė Human Resources Department, not later than 2 months before internship begins. Promising employment opportunities will be created at corporate group Topo Grupė companies.
The Topo Grupė corporate group Scholarship for Economics and Management Faculty students was also discussed during the meeting.